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What can you do with Metrica Play's API?

Metrica Play API for patterns and visualizations allows you to import patterns and events into Metrica Play. The interesting part is that not only it allows you to import events that have a start/end time, tags, etc; but also to add visualizations directly from the code. For example the following json code:

  "pattern": RCNG_PATTERN_001,
  "start_time": 5000,
  "event_time": 10000,
  "end_time": 25000,
  "coordinates": [
  "visualizations": {
    "start_time": 7000,
    "end_time": 23000,
    "players": "P030",
    "tool_id": "players",
    "options": {
      "speed": 1
  "tags": [
  "team": "ESPBCN"

This is an example of a sprint type event which has a speed visualization. This event belongs to the pattern code RCNG_PATTERN_001, that starts at time 5000 and ends at time 25000, with the event indicator being located at 10000 in the timeline of the video. All times are in milliseconds. In this case, in Metrica Play the event will be located at time 10000 in the timeline that , but when you select it, the video will play from time 5000 to 25000.

Moreover, this event has coordinates. There are two options for coordinates. If you provide just a pair of xy coordinates, it will show a dot on the 2D field in Metrica Play. If you provide two pairs, it will show an arrow. In this case it will show an arrow in the 2D field (NOT in the video) going from [0.39, 0.51] to [0.44, 0.42].

This event also has a annotation. In this case, the speed will show up for this player from time 7000 to 23000 for player P030. To code for that, the tool_id is set to players type visualization that has speed as 1 (true).

Finally, this event has the tags "ESPBCN","P030",RCGN_TAG_001,RCGN_TAG_007 and belongs to the team ESPBCN.

And by producing this file and importing it to Metrica Play via Metrica Cloud, you'll see this result automatically.

Import to Metrica Play

To import a json file to Metrica Play, you have to do it via the video project created in Metrica Cloud. To do so go to this option on your video project: